Shogo of the international academy of senior Shotokan karate-ka

SHO‐GO is the teaching title‐system set up by the Dai‐Nippon Butoku‐kai (Greater Japan Martial Virtue Society established in 1895 in Kyoto). It is consist of three ranks, Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi (Highest). The sho‐go awarded by the ISKS will consist of the three similar ranks and are therefore classical ranks/titles similar to Samurai titles given under the auspices of Japan's Imperial Family during feudal times. The award of sho‐go are based on each individual’s knowledge, teaching ability and the outstanding development of character through the study of the martial arts. Therefore it is important to realise that in the modern approach to martial arts, these titles/ranks are much more difficult to achieve than the conventional Dan grades and are not automatically assigned with rank or seniority. The holder of these titles must also have made significant contributions to the martial arts community at large.

The title 'Shogo' may or may not be given to a Fellow on application, or may be awarded after the fellow has been in fellowship for some time. The three awarded by the ISKS as previously stated are: Renshi (which may be awarded to 6th Dan and above over 40 years old) Kyoshi (which may be awarded to 7th Dan and above over 50 years old) and Hanshi (which may be awarded to 8th Dan and above over 60 years old). This also means that any grade from 6th Dan and above may only receive an award of Renshi or none at all. Therefore sho‐go are not automatically given to successful fellowship applicants of the ISKS.

The character "Ren" means "polished, tempered" and "shi" means "person". Thus Renshi indicates a "polished instructor" or expert. Renshi may be awarded to the modern rank of 6th Dan or above in the ISKS interestingly the title of Renshi is of Japanese origin and is not used in Okinawa. As the I.S.K.S has Japanese roots Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi are awarded. The "Kyo" in Kyoshi means "professor" or "philosophy". Therefore, Kyoshi equals a "professor" capable of teaching the philosophy of the martial arts. Kyoshi may be awarded to the modern rank of 7th Dan and above in the ISKS. The "Han" in Hanshi means "example, model" and indicates "a teacher that can serve as an ideal model for others", or a “senior master”. Hanshi may be awarded to the modern day rank of 8th and above in the ISKS.